Friday, August 29, 2008

Only 5 more days!!!!

Well the big day is getting closer, hard to believe it is almost time to leave for Dallas. We will be leaving here after we get the kids on the bus Tuesday morning, I have an appointment to see the doctor on Tuesday afternoon. My surgery is scheduled for 7:30 Wednesday morning, and they told us it should take between 10-12 hours, wow!!! I will be at Medical City Hospital there in Dallas, and will hopefully have someone update this site when they can. It may be Thursday before anyone can, but feel free to call the hospital if you would like. Not sure what info they will give out, but guess you can try.
Please remember me and my family in your prayers as it will be as hard on my family as me. My kids are a little nervous about mom being so far away from home, but they do understand that I will have to go there. The boys are kinda excited that mom will finally have boobies again (ladies you know how men are about boobs, lol), I think they are just ready for a little cushion when they want to snuggle with mom.
If you have not had a chance to yet, please check out my friend Jason's band, their link is on the side (Singletree) you can hear their current release, and are starting to get some major air time. If you like country music and like the song, please call your local radio station and request it, Jason is a great guy and has worked so hard to get where they are. I would appreciate any requests that you could make on their behalf.
Off to bed for now