Sunday, August 2, 2009

Translator box

Some of you may be wondering why I have added a translator box to my blog, well it is kind of a neat story. When I was about 13 during one of our geography classes, we were assigned a pen pal from another country. Well I was assigned a boy from Germany whose name is Robin Zeller. Well, Robin has been trying to track me down for a long time and finally found me through Facebook, you can only imagine my surprise to find a message from him inside my inbox. Anyway, we have chatted several times and added the translator so that it would be easier for him to read my blog. Kind of cool!!


Monday, July 13, 2009

My story of "Hope"

Hello all, just stopping in really quick to post that I have entered a contest hosted by O'Cedar products to grants wishes of "hope" I have written a small essay of my life and my family and would love if you could stop by and give me a vote. Voting will be from 8/17 through 9/3 and I will post a link here on my blog. I will also update you as the date get closer. Thank you all for your help with this and every way you have all touched mine and my families life!!


Voting will start on 8/17 and will go through 9/3. You may vote once per day and will need to click on the link "Vote for Hope" . Not sure how you will be able to find my story, but will let you know as soon as I find out. This is to receive a $1000.00 award to hopefully take my family on a trip to the ocean!! Thanks in advance for all of your help.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I really have got to keep this posts more current, but since I cracked my laptop screen, getting online has been a little harder!!!

Wow, so much has gone on since my last post. I have finally healed from my last surgery and well am lopsided, but will get that fixed sooner or later!!! They really want me to wait 6-8 months before we try again, so hopefully after the first of the year we can give it another go.

I am know the proud mother of a softball state champion!!! Sarah and her team won their division in State tournament in May and oh by the way, my baby girl hit the winning run!!! Way to go Sarah. We are so proud of her and let me tell you it was the most nerve racking game I have ever watched! We were down 2-0 going into the 6 inning (softball only plays 7) and our girls rallied and scored two, then Sarah went to the plate with one out and runners on 2nd and 3rd base. I was about to have a heart attack. She tried to bunt the first two pitches and the went foul, so she had two strikes, the girl threw a very close ball, and then bam, she hit it up the middle!!! I almost fainted and I think she about did too. She knocked in one run to make the score 3-2. When she got on base it was so cute, she just dropped to her knees while standing on base so shocked at what she had just done!!! She told me later that she thought she peed her pants, lol.
Anyway guess I better post some pictures for all to enjoy.

Sarah is ready at third base, too bad she did get a ball hit to her the whole game.

The winning hit, man just look at that form, perfect!!!

On first base after the hit, she told me she almost forgot to run when the next batter got up to bat, she was a little excited!

Sarah and Megan Robinson just after Megan struck the last batter out for Arkansas Baptist. Sarah and Megan have been playing ball together since they were 8 yrs old. I just love this picture, wish you could see Sarah's face though.

Man that score board sure does look good, all we had to do was get three outs after this and we won!!

And finally, your 2009 3A Arkansas State Champions the Perryville Lady Mustangs!!!!!

We also got to go on a little family vacation, we went to Pigeon Forge Tennessee and had a blast. It was a long drive, but the cabin and all the attractions was well worth it!!! With Sarah getting ready to start her senior year, we wanted to make this trip special and I think we did. Here are a couple of pictures from our trip.

Playing a quest game at Magiquest, Sarah will hate me for this picture, lol.

Billy and I playing golf, thought it turned out to be a good picture.

The kids at the Cherokee Museum in Cherokee NC. They are in front of a tribal bear.

Thanks for checking in on us, hopefully I will get more posts in.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I wanted to share with everyone this picture. This is a picture of most of the ladies that attended the confernce for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer. The majority of these women are under 40, some are in treatment some not. I just wanted to share this amazing sight.


Well guess the honeymoon didn't last too long, had to have my implant removed on the 20th due to infection (big shock there!!!) I am finally starting to feel a little better, then pain has really been hard this time!!! It was a tough surgery, or maybe I am just becoming a big whimp!!
Life is getting crazy around here, Sarah's softball is in full swing (only lost one conference game so far, yeah!!) and Hunter's first game is tomorrow night. We signed Gage up to play T-Ball again, but he just really didn't want to play, guess I should make him to teach the lesson of following through, but it really doesn't hurt our feelings that much. With Billy coaching Hunter's team again this year and Sarah playing 2-4 games a week, it is good not to have to squeeze another game in.
School is about to come to an end soon and my baby girl will be a senior, where did the years go???? Not sure what we will do with ourselves without running and gunning with her, trying not to think much about it. She did really well on her ACT, made a 25, so hopefully she can raise it a point or two and get a full ride to Arkansas Tech, that is where she thinks she wants to go. She wants to go into teaching and maybe coaching, so that would be a good place for her to go. The boys are doing great in school as well, Hunter got in GT program and well Gage is just Gage, you just never know, lol!!!!
Well I will close this up for now, talk to you all soon.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well it has been a while since I have updated, I keep telling myself to update more, but time just gets away from me. I really don't know how I got everything done while I was working full time and still keeping up with the kids!!!
I have had another surgery on the 2nd, it was another reconstruction this time to work on the right side. This is the side that has remained undone since my original mastectomy, so it was good to finally get started on that side. I was back in Dallas again and had a Latiamus Dorsal flap (sp?) where they take a muscle from my back cut it and rotate it to the front. Then they put an implant in instead of an expander (due to my previous failed expander attempt). It is a smaller implant than the size of my other size, but they will put a larger one in at a later date. They will also do some work on the left side to get everything symetric. Hope that was not too much info, lol.

I also got to participate in a wonderful conference the weekend before my surgery there in Dallas for young survivors of breast cancer. I have never cried, laughed, giggled, hurt, and had more fun in my entire life. It was so refreshing to be with over 600 women who totally understand where I am coming from. These women were such an inspiration to me and have made many friends that I hope will be friends for life. Even women who are stage 4 with mets, gave me so much inspiration, and can not thank them all enough. Here are a few of the ladies that I had the privledge to meet while I was there.

This is me with Lisa and Melinda.

This is Bethany, Me, Christi and Nicole.

And finally me and Lisa again, even though Lisa is diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, she is such and fighter and wonderfully upbeat person. Thank you Lisa for allowing me to get to know you.

These are just a few of the wonderful ladies that I met and we are all from the website If you would like to donate to this wonderful website, please do, you can also check out so many stories from other women who have battled, lost their battle and are still battling.

Love to you all


Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello all, just wanted to post a couple of new pics for you all. This beautiful little girl is my niece Cheyenne. I got to meet her for the first time in January and we love her so much. See fits in so well with the rest of our crazy crew and she loves Hannah Montana. Hoping to get to see her again really soon. Love you baby girl.

This is my nephew Cody and his little sister Cheyenne. This has to be one of my favorite pictures ever!!

All is going well on the home front, having a PET scan tomorrow to check to see if there is any reoccurance from my cancer, so please say a little prayer that all comes back clean.
Basketball season is over for Hunter, and they did so good. Sarah's season is just about to come to an end, two more conference games and then we will start the tournaments. Hopefully they will do well, but we shall see. We will move right on in to baseball and softball so no rest for mom and dad, but guess we will miss these days soon enough. I will update as soon as we get the results from my latest scans. I am due to have surgery again on the 2nd of March as long as the scans come back clean. We will be traveling to Dallas again, but hopefully this will be the last surgery for a while, I am kinda tired of getting cut on, lol.