Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well guess the honeymoon didn't last too long, had to have my implant removed on the 20th due to infection (big shock there!!!) I am finally starting to feel a little better, then pain has really been hard this time!!! It was a tough surgery, or maybe I am just becoming a big whimp!!
Life is getting crazy around here, Sarah's softball is in full swing (only lost one conference game so far, yeah!!) and Hunter's first game is tomorrow night. We signed Gage up to play T-Ball again, but he just really didn't want to play, guess I should make him to teach the lesson of following through, but it really doesn't hurt our feelings that much. With Billy coaching Hunter's team again this year and Sarah playing 2-4 games a week, it is good not to have to squeeze another game in.
School is about to come to an end soon and my baby girl will be a senior, where did the years go???? Not sure what we will do with ourselves without running and gunning with her, trying not to think much about it. She did really well on her ACT, made a 25, so hopefully she can raise it a point or two and get a full ride to Arkansas Tech, that is where she thinks she wants to go. She wants to go into teaching and maybe coaching, so that would be a good place for her to go. The boys are doing great in school as well, Hunter got in GT program and well Gage is just Gage, you just never know, lol!!!!
Well I will close this up for now, talk to you all soon.